Sustainability Case Resources

Refer to case study promoting group discussion on Triple Bottom Line (i.e. social, environmental and economic) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approaches toward sustainability.

Case Study Synopsis: Westpac Creating a Sustainable Business

Financial Review (2018). Westpac Case Study: Creating a sustainable business.


Oraganisational motive of last century (i.e. ‘Greed is good’) changed in the current century (‘Green is good’).

The need for socially responsible business

Sustainability – innovative philosophy and a good business practice.

Sustainability and employees

Creating long-term shareholder value and attracting skilled human resources.

Sustainability and customers

Satisfied customers contributing to business success.

Sustainability and the environment

Addressing environmental concerns.

Sustainability and the community

Socially responsible – positive contribution to the community.


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are emphasising socio-environmental aspects in parallel to economic endeavour of organisations.

Resources for Sustainable Practices – Case Organisation (i.e. Westpac Bank)

Westpac Sustainability Performance Report 2019

Westpac Benefits to the Community

Westpac Impact Report 2019

Video: Westpac Sustainability Overview

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Video: Westpac Sustainability

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